Warranty Policy

  • WowGo offers a 270 days warranty covering any manufacturing defects for the WowGo 3/3X, and 270 days for WowGo AT2.
  • The warranty period for orders shipped before May 10, 2021, is 180/270 days (Not including May 10).
  • WowGo offers a 180days warranty covering any manufacturing defects for the WowGo 2S Pro

WowGo offers a 180 days warranty covering manufacturing defects for the WowGo 2S pro.
WowGo boards are built using the best motors, ESC, and batteries. We test all individual parts and run each WowGo Board for 210 minutes before packaging it for shipment to ensure it is built to last.

All components, such as an extra remote or battery, can be purchased separately in our shop. If you do not see the part listed, please contact info@wowgoboard.com. We also provide a 90 days warranty for the parts and components you bought separately on our website.

The WowGo board can be easily repaired by replacing a broken part. We are happy to diagnose and send replacement part/s for your board free of charge if the board is still under warranty. Free shipping and free parts.

If the problem should still persist after our diagnosis, we will continue to help you finding the correct replacement part until the problem is solved.

We reply to all questions within 24 hours during working days. If a question is sent during the weekend, please expect our response after the next working day. Replacement parts will be sent 3-8 days after your request has been submitted

Water damage, wheel wear, and any artificial damage are NOT covered under the warranty. Always charge the board with the original charger. Otherwise, the battery might be damaged or even catch fire. This damage is NOT covered under the warranty.

Sep 17, 2022

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