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WowGo Board Customer Policy and Product Assurance

While most brands cap their warranties at 6 months, we go beyond the norm to provide you with a 9-month warranty(from 09/26/2023 / Excluding refurbished electric skateboards) on all WowGo boards. Our extended warranty period isn't just a show of support for our community; it's a testament to our unwavering faith in the superior quality of our products. And for those who desire even longer peace of mind, we offer extended warranty options available at a nominal fee. Experience the best, because you deserve it.

1. Shipping & Returns:
- Consumer-Initiated Returns/Redelivery: If a return or redelivery arises due to the consumer's actions or decisions, the consumer will cover the shipping fee. The exact fee will be determined by the chosen express company.
- Company Errors: Should you receive damaged or incorrect goods attributable to our errors, WowGo will bear the shipping costs associated with rectifying the issue.

2. Product Quality & Assurance:
- Dedication to Excellence: WowGo boards are engineered with the industry's leading motors, ESCs, and batteries.
- Rigorous Testing: We thoroughly inspect all parts and run each board for 210 minutes before shipment, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance.

3. Parts & Warranty:
- Additional Components: Extra parts, from remotes to batteries, are available for purchase in our shop. Should you not find a specific component, please reach out to us at info@wowgoboard.com.
- 90-Day Warranty: We proudly back the components and parts purchased separately on our website with a 90-day warranty.
- Easy Repairs: Should your WowGo board encounter issues, many can be addressed simply by replacing a malfunctioning component. If your board is under warranty, we're pleased to diagnose the issue and send the necessary replacement parts free of charge, including shipping.
- Persistent Issues: If the problem remains unresolved post-diagnosis, our commitment is to guide you to the right solution, ensuring you receive the correct replacement part.

4. Customer Support:
- Timely Responses: We guarantee a response to all queries within 24 hours on working days. Inquiries made over the weekend will be addressed by the subsequent working day.
- Replacement Dispatch: Once your request is confirmed, expect replacement parts to be shipped within 3-8 days.

5. Warranty Limitations:
- Exclusions: Warranty does not cover water damage, wheel wear, or any damage resulting from misuse or modification.
- Charging Precautions: Always utilize the original charger provided. Charging with alternative devices may damage the battery, potentially causing it to catch fire. Damages from non-original chargers are not covered under warranty.
- Refurbished electric skateboards: WowGo refurbished electric skateboards have a 6-month warranty instead of 9 months.

Oct 12, 2023

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